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I haven’t written in a while. I wish I had good excuse other than gosh, I’ve been busy. Who hasn’t been busy? Heck, our retired volunteers are always busy, and I can’t even find them to pile more on. Sssh. Don’t tell them, they’ll hide more!

It’s been a great campaign season with incredible sharing of stories. The power of those in our community to create change is quite remarkable and that is why I am so privileged to hear these stories. It’s also been a time of learning some deep lessons. Here are three powerful ones from recent weeks:

  1. Sometimes when we help someone, we don’t know what difference it makes. That’s always true and yet, sometimes years later, that person shows up to help others. It’s breathtaking. Thank you, teacher.
  2. We all learn lessons at different times and in different ways. Some of us get to learn in them in a cell because that’s where we are. And what a powerful lesson that can be. Thank you, teacher.
  3. Sometimes a family has such a hard fight for their loved one with mental illness. And you know when they choose to share, know they’ve tried everything and what is ours to do, definitely mine to do, is just hold the space with love and compassion for the journey. Just listen. Don’t offer anything but love. Thank you, teacher.

These have been so powerful that I am still ruminating on what to do with this. What I know is these three people, along with many others, have changed me for good. I hope you have enjoyed the remarkable fall colors in Southern Oregon or wherever you may be.