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I often work to come up with a quote to start my blog or letters. I’ve been searching today for quotes on shutdowns or tough times or getting by. It’s been a tough read. This weekend, there is a strong likelihood that we’ll have a government shutdown.

The last one we had showed us how close many folks live to an edge. The edge is often far enough away that people can juggle to get by. 63% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck. And most people who work for the Federal government don’t qualify for social services support. And still suddenly, like they were in 2019, many were thrown to the edge and some over it. I remember a young man sharing his wife wouldn’t get medical treatment that week. United Way helped. She got the treatment.

There are more than 7,500 Federal workers in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. That’s a lot of people. While folks will be paid their first of the month check because it’s already pending, in a couple of weeks we can see some real pain take hold. Also, keep in mind many people pay mortgages or rent at the beginning of the month so it can be the tighter paycheck.

My hope is our Congressional leaders will find a way forward and avoid the shutdown so that all Americans don’t feel unnecessary additional stress. We are working out plans to be of help as we were in 2019. We were there then, and we’ll be there now if we need to. United Way works for all of us. #UnitedinPurpose