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Age — Ain’t Nothing But a Number

By April 15, 2020No Comments

Age – Ain’t Nothing But a Number

And if you google to find out who said it, you can know all the people who sang it.  You can find it in short stories and poems and literature for years.  And then, there’s life…

Today, an application for help fell through our mail slot.  It was handwritten and important.  Someone, somewhere printed it out for this woman.  And she handwrote her ask for help.

So how old are you?  How old are your siblings, your parents, your grandparents, your loved ones.  Don’t tell me, it’s rhetorical.  Imagine for a moment, a loved one in your life is 72.  Born in 1948 most likely depending on their birthday.  And imagine for a moment, they needed help and someone printed out our application for help.  Yep, 72 and needing help.  What kind?

Well, she’s unhoused and as she said, “…my body is a bit sore from doing this.”  she lives in her truck and she’s waiting for her stimulus check to find housing.  Thanks to our staff, she’s got 8 nights indoors and hopefully her stimulus arrives before then.  Thank you for helping us help her.  And I’m grateful for the person who printed her application and the pen she had to write it.  And I’m grateful for the bed and shower she gets for the next 8 nights.  And I’ll remain my ever hopeful self that her stimulus check arrives and she can find housing again.

Check out the front page of our website so you can see the cool ticker that was created to show you what our COVID19 Fund is doing:

What you’re doing by donating, sharing and talking about it is helping.  Feel free to send people our way.  We’re turning around requests in 24 hours.  Thanks to all of you.  Onward…