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Facilitating Hope

By April 10, 2020No Comments

Hope facilitating.  I realized just now that’s what we do.  Each day I send an update to our board and staff.  We’re working with two people in the office each day for dual control reasons and facilitating that hope by sending out checks to help people with their bills and organizations.  I’ve copied in yesterday’s update below so you can what I share with them each day.  These times are blurry.  All I could think about on my drive home was some unknown, yet to be decided vacation when this is over.  I shared on my Facebook page the song, Cups.  It has a line in it that I love – “I’m leaving tomorrow whaddya say.”  If wishes were…

I received an email of thanks a little while ago thanking me for what I’m doing. I realized some people don’t really understand.  We’re all doing this.  The $167,000 is from lots of people and foundations and businesses.  We’re doing this.  Together.

I know we didn’t come in this together; caring for our community is these deeply committed ways, not all of us for sure.  We are #allinthistogether.  And maybe, just maybe, we can go out of this #allinthistogether.  We can.  We can continue to care for those in new ways including kindness to everyone regardless of circumstances.  Join me in doing that!  Yesterday’s update to the board and staff follows…

“Today was a hard day.  Even though there was great gratitude, today we helped people we know, real people we really know.  My heart is a little broken and uplifted at the time but as I learned during my sister’s transplant, joy and sorrow live right next to each other in our hearts.  Sure is true today.

We have raised $167,000.  We have expended $107,170.  The largest expenditure by far remains rent at $52,216 and utilities at $16,817.  We’ve spent $10,225 on our unhoused in our community and $8,900 on childcare. 

We’ve helped 269 families and 19 nonprofits.

Today we were able to help Jackson County families living in Ronald McDonald House in Eugene.  Their children have cancer, a heart stopper request that we fulfilled. 

Here are some quotes from emails:

“Thank you So much my Babies and myself appreciate it so Much!!!!!!”

“Thank you so much!! This is such a blessing for my family during this time!! Can’t thank you enough.”

“Thank you so much.  You were so helpful with immediate response time in saving the day.  Thank you again. Don’t know what I would have done without you guys.”

Please know our staff is getting by because of your holding our organization at this time.  We are all deeply grateful.  Stay well.”

Onward, be well, take good care, and smile in those physically distant ways to people you know, people you care about and anyone you see.