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Real Life

I’ve got this.

By March 25, 2020No Comments

“I’ve got this.”  So yesterday afternoon during the sunny time, an unhoused person sat on the large rock outside my office window.  All afternoon.  I thought when I left I’d offer him some hand warmers because I carry a box of them in my car.  The person was all bundled up in larger than necessary clothes.  And it was a woman.  I opened the window in my car and asked if she’d like the handful of hand warmers I was offering.  She said, “No thank you.  I have some.  Please give them to someone who doesn’t.”  She kept walking and pushing her cart.  I started to drive away but couldn’t.  I turned around and came back and said that I had $10, could I give that to her.  She said, “No thank you.  I have money.  Please give it to someone who doesn’t.”  I asked if she was sure.  She ended with, “I got this.”

I drove away and I cried.  We’d been helping people all day.  Some were happy and some weren’t.  These are challenging times and panic levels are high.  Reactions are all over the place and this sweet woman shared, I got this.  I’ll look for her today and bring food.  May she’ll want some.  Maybe she won’t but as I fly through the day working hard to be helpful while we’re in crisis, I’m going to hold her words gently.  I got this.  May you “got this” too.  Onward,