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Well, howdy! On this somewhat dreary day, I have exciting news. We are launching wheelchair charging stations! Yes, you heard it here first. We received a grant from Pacific Power to fully launch our efforts to bring on one hundred businesses and organizations this year! And anyone can join in the remarkable way of saying you are welcome here! Back to the beginning of the story though.

Here’s the back story. Mid-year 2023, George Adams asked at one of our transportation meetings, “With all the car changing stations why aren’t there wheelchair charging stations?” I love duh moments in meetings. Questions that challenge us to know we can do something about this! We can change things. I’ve learned a lot about wheelchair charging since then. Most people travel with their chargers of course and yet if we give the first 100 locations a charger and a sign that looks like this…

Boom, that’s all it takes. The universal charger that we’ll give the first one hundred who sign up and the sign are all you need. The program only takes up what a chair takes up in your lobby. Then you enter your address on the website we’re launching thanks to Project A and off we go.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors we’re going! Pacific Power had the foresight to say yes. Siskiyou Outback Runners said yes! Project A said yes and we’ll donate the website!  US Bank said yes, we have some sponsorship dollars for this! And to launch 100 stations, I needed all this and more. And why would we stop at 100….

What’s the point of all this beyond having one more important way of saying, you’re welcome here. The point is there are things we can all do to make the world better. Listen for opportunities and seize them! We did! Join us and offer a wheelchair charging station! Thanks to George Adams for the idea. Thanks to Jim Teece and Project A for the website and app. Thanks to Siskiyou Outback Trail Runners for getting us on our way. Thanks to US Bank for a sponsorship to help along the way! And thanks to Pacific Power for the e-mobility grant to help change our world for the better!