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Real Life

Broken Roads

By August 21, 2017September 12th, 2019No Comments

Saturday, I drove to Cave Junction to talk with a leadership group from Rogue Credit Union and some youth they were coaching during the day. They were having fun too. I was asked to talk about what inspired me or made me strong. I went with what made me feel strong. They were an inspiring group. They gave their Saturday to leadership and what a worthy pursuit.
I thought a lot about broken roads on the drive out there. I’m not sure why but I did and I wondered whose life hasn’t traveled a broken road. Mine has. Hasn’t yours? I haven’t really met anyone who’s life hasn’t had broken roads. I thought about people who have lost people on roads. I have. And I thought about people who’ve just been lost on roads, walking with all their belongings. I realized I haven’t met anyone who traveled a somewhat straight line from here to there. Thank goodness. I’m pretty sure that’s what life detours are about – saving us from going from here to there in a straight line. Think of the things and people we’d miss.
As I was driving, an oncoming car was similar to that of an old love. I wouldn’t trade the hurt for not having had the experience. I wouldn’t trade the loss of places I’ve lived for new places I’ve moved to. I wouldn’t trade the loss of prior jobs for not having new ones. I’d never have moved here or had this remarkable job or done this amazing work with our community. I’m one of the lucky ones.
Some people aren’t so lucky with broken roads. Some don’t come with built in bridges or resilience. Some don’t come with those moments that unite them to the next place or people or jobs or loved ones. It is part of our work and as we move into our campaign that begins in earnest this week, I hope you Live United with us. Build bridges. Build connections. Be part of the solution. Be part of connecting someone who needs help with someone who can. It’s what we do. It’s the United Way.