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Real Life

You’re the top!

Wow!  We just concluded a great transportation impact committee with some really important updates on people in need and how they get around.  It’s an ever-evolving topic.  People in our community are working hard for people they serve!

To date, we’ve raised $339,968 and we’ve invested $227,526 in 616 families and 34 nonprofits.  One of the nonprofits used the funds for their power bill and internet.  That group is a new nonprofit that helps women leaving corrections.  While our maximum grant to individuals is $350, the average gift is $316.  People aren’t over-asking.  They’re asking for what they need.

Today we helped Beverly.  She’s 85 and mostly needed to hear someone’s voice.  I’m glad it was mine.  She needed her gas bill paid of $15.27.  She lives in subsidized housing and her power is subsidized but she was very nervous about the bill.  I told her we could help and we could do a little more.  And what did she do,  she broke into a song!  She said she’d heard of me and that I like songs of the day!

Here’s what she sang while I cried…

When she was done, she said it was from the year she was born!  How lucky are we feel good to do good!  My heart is full.  hope yours is too!  Stay well, we need you!