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By September 6, 2017September 12th, 2019No Comments

I’m proud how we come together as a nation in times of crisis, but I realized that I actually see that spirit here day in and day in this Cabinet.  I listen to Ed Sheeran a lot one song that I particularly like has a line that I thought had said “Human beings are destined to radiate or drain”; it made me think you all were the radiators.  The real line is “Human beings are destined to radiate or dream.”  I had to change my thinking a bit, but it actually makes even more sense.  I think we dream of what we want, put it into action and radiate it out.  You all Live United all the time, and this is how I see you doing that.

  • Brande – through her faithful role behind the scenes in many years as Campaign Leader
  • Rebecca – through her passion in mentoring youth
  • Nick and Tim – through the countless boards you have served on through the years
  • Cassie – through her consistent donations to Teresa McCormick Center of children’s items and dedicated work on the Medford Food Project
  • Jolie and Frank – through the tears that come when you are moved by this work or the hardships of others
  • Chris – through your smile, grit and determination in conquering the things that life has thrown at you
  • Trish- through your enthusiasm and passion in making sure your special clienteles’ needs are met
  • Lisa – through being “that volunteer” that always shows up whatever the task
  • Erin – through her continually watching for the family she glimpsed one day that needs help
  • Marsha – through her willfulness in getting back to the campaign that she so believes in
  • Deelia – through insisting that the Big Idea include Cave Junction
  • Sharilyn – through her cheerful persistence when tackling hard accounts
  • Troy – through your service to country, and your fierce participation in your Rotary
  • Dee Anne – through all the crazy ideas that you have implemented that actually work, and the Piped Piper that you are in bringing all of us, and countless members of the community, along in the work that you dream.

I heard of a new meme this morning:  JOMO – joy of missing out versus FOMO, the fear of missing out, and it hit me that joy comes to people in many different forms.

To me, Living United is living with joy, or JOLU – Joy of Living United.  How’s that for a fancy new meme for this campaign?  #JOLU

Becky Snyder, Executive Director, Community Volunteer Network