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About Us


Mobilizing caring to affect change.


Creating positive community change.


Everyone completes high school. Everyone is housed. Everyone has good health. Everyone has a foundation for a secure future.


United Way fights for the education, income, health & transportation of every person in our community.

We know the work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is unique to every community around the world. At right, see how we outline our commitment to building a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient organization & community.


We take the broadest possible view of diversity as we continue to learn and be inclusive.


the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are.


that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to advance our mission and progress our fight for the principles expressed here.


that each United Way partner, donor, volunteer, advocate, employee, and person served must have equal access to solving community problems.


to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work which contributes to a sustainable and resilient organization & community.


to using these practices for our business, our communities, and our relationships. Join us in embracing diversity, equity and inclusion for every person and every family in our community.

The Values of the United Way of Jackson County

We bring together our
diverse population to discover and deliver solutions
to the challenges which
impact the health and well being of all of us.
We offer opportunity, encouragement and inspiration within our community to care for one another.
We provide the ability to grow, collaborate and transform for individuals, organizations and communities.
We help people fulfill their potential and improve lives in our community by informing, advocating, convening and facilitating human services.
We are honest and trustworthy providing clarity, consistency and strength in our mission.
We promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our committees, councils, Board and staff. We develop leaders who are educated and aware of DEI. We work to ensure our policies and procedures honor DEI.

Accountability Standards

  • Finance and Investment Committee manages financial and investment policy, hires the independent auditor, serves as uncompensated volunteers, and has four CPA members.
  • Board requires staff to be responsible for accuracy, fairness and completeness of financial statements
    and IRS 990.
  • Have established procedures for anonymous report of any financial concerns and ensure that any report is fully investigated.
  • Have established procedures for anonymous report of any financial concerns and ensure that any report is fully investigated.
  • Conflict of interest and code of ethics for staff and volunteers are updated annually.
  • Accounting and records retention policies regularly reviewed.
  • 360 degree evaluation of CEO/Executive Director.

990s, Audited Financial Statements and Annual Reports to the Community for United Way of Jackson County

Our Staff Directory

Dee Anne Everson

CEO/Executive Director
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Anna Barnsley Werblow

Chief Financial Officer
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Troy Ferguson

Campaign/New Media Director
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Talia Trout

Lead Community Impact Director
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Will Young

Community Impact Director
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Dalia Silva-Moore

Translator/Interpreter/Community Impact Director
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Debi Jensen

Office Manager
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Leah McLaughlin

Accounting Specialist
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Our Governance Board for 2022-23



Community Volunteer

1st Vice President:


Community Volunteer

2nd Vice President:


Regence BlueCross BlueShield


Dr. Brett Champion

Medford School District


Jason Lukaszewicz

Community Volunteer

Eric Acosta

Community Volunteer

Julie Barry

Ruch Outdoor Community School

Angela Beeks

Human Bean

Amy Belkin

Teresa McCormick Center

Joshua Blesse

Propel Insurance

Charley Bolen

Hornecker, Cowling, Hassen & Heysell

Tim Clayton

US Bank

Brande Cowden

People’s Bank of Commerce

Brenda Doggett

Community Volunteer

Steve Erb 

People’s Bank of Commerce

Anne Golden

Community Volunteer

Aaron Hoefling

First Interstate Bank

John Howard

Community Volunteer

Rev. Christina G. Kukuk

Community Volunteer

Frank Lucas

Community Volunteer

Robb Mayers

Outlier Construction Company

Seanne McVarish

McVarish Interiors

Jessica Murrey

Community Volunteer

Catherine Noah

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center

DL Richardson

Southern Oregon Education Services District

Sue Slack

Community Volunteer

Mariah Smith

Rogue Credit Union

Rebecca Smith

Community Volunteer

Dan Thorndike

Medford Fabrication

Rebecca Vega

St. Mary’s School

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