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Make a Difference


Make a list. Check it twice or three times.

What do you care about?
Really care about?

What will you give an hour a month to change? Two hours?
Four hours— an hour a week?

There are thousands of opportunities waiting for you!


If you’re interested in helping every student complete high school, join Big Idea Next!
After 8 years of the Big Idea, we learned students who were going to graduate did. We learned students who were borderline did! And we learned that students in alternative education programs or school struggled far more and have low graduation rates. Big Idea Next is committed to working with every student enrolled in alternative education programs or schools to hep them complete high schools.

To volunteer, contact Will


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) volunteers are needed every year during tax season to assist people in filing their taxes.


If you’re interested in health, join us in maximizing wellness. There are children to protect, and mental health concerns for all ages.


Many of our strategic impact partners are looking for the right volunteer. To find the right place for you, check out our Partners.


Jackson County Community Long Term Recovery Group was formed to provide services and connection to those impacted by the Almeda and South Obenchain fires in September 2020. can also hook you up. It’s full of ways to connect with our community. is our volunteer hub in a disaster for the whole Rogue Valley. In an emergency disaster go there to register to help or make donations and to register to receive help.

The ideal volunteer will be available to assist for 4 hours, at least once per week.

Ready to find out more about how you can help your community?